The Peninsular War 1808-1814: Site Map
The Peninsular WarMap of the War 1808-1811
 Map of the War 1812-1814
Battle of BailénMap of Bailén
Battle of RoliçaMap of Roliça
Battle of VimeiroMap of Vimeiro
Battle of La CoruñaMap of La Coruña
Battle of PortoMap of Porto
Battle of TalaveraMap of Talavera
Combat of the CôaMap of the Côa
Siege of Almeida 
Battle of BuçacoMap of Buçaco
Lines of Torres Vedras 
Battle of BarrosaMap of Barrosa
Battle of Fuentes de OñoroMap of Fuentes de Oñoro
Battle of AlbueraMap of Albuera
The English Cemetery at Elvas 
Storming of Ciudad RodrigoMap of Ciudad Rodrigo
Battle of SalamancaMap of Salamanca
Battle of VitoriaMap of Vitoria
Storming of San SebastiánMap of San Sebastián
Battle of MayaMap of Maya